The 'Good Neighbor Association' (GNA) was founded by a group of social activists from Jerusalem, Israel. Our vision is that every citizen in Israel will take responsibility for his own environment, which includes the surrounding community in which he lives.


  • To inspire hope and generate change for those less fortunate or in need.

  • To empower communities in need regardless of religion, race or gender.

  • To create direct involvement programs which enable people to engage with communities at risk.

  • To promote volunteering initiatives that will act as a platform for social change.

  • To pursue all of the above and yet stay as cost effective as possible.

    The GNA was founded in 1999, A decade and a half later, it boasts hundreds of volunteers throughout Israel, participating in a variety of social initiatives, all on a voluntary basis. Our core activities consist of food distribution to thousands of families across the country and initiation of local activities to support communities in distress.

  • The GNA is driven by its volunteering spirit, and everyone, from the activists up to the CEO, receive no payment or salaries. Our volunteers come from all parts of Israel and from different social and cultural groups, and they all share social awareness.