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Shachen Tov – The Good Neighbor Association – acts to advance societal sectors in need, within an emphasis on localized activities and community. All the association’s programs are put into action by volunteers, without any monetary compensation.

Beginning in 1999, the association began as a local initiative of a group of young Jerusalemites with the purpose of assisting needy families with the purchasing of groceries for Shabbat.

Over twenty years later, the association’s activities has expanded into varied social programs found in the width and breadth of Israel, undertaken by thousands of volunteers donating their time and energies for the community.

The majority of the Shachen Tov Association’s activities are funded by private donations alongside fund-raising projects.


Our Projects

The needs our volunteers identify on the ground give rise to all our projects. We believe in creating initiatives and projects that benefit our neighbors, with an emphasis on underprivileged sectors and at-risk youth. Several permanent projects developed over the years and throughout the country, alongside local innovative initiatives. Flexibility and adapting on –the-go characterize these projects.

  • Distribution of Food Baskets – Approximately 1,000 baskets of groceries are distributed weekly to needy families.

  • Coffee Houses on Wheels—A sociable respite for marginalized populations.

  • Coffee Houses for At-Risk Youth – A warm, safe meeting place for at-risk youth.

  • Special Projects:

    • Warm Winters – Distribution of heaters to low-income families.

    • Succot Four Species Market – In memory of Shachen Tov volunteers Barkai Schor z”l, and Yonatan Adler z”l. All the income is dedicated to the Association.

    • Out of the Box – Distribution of boxed board games to children to relieve loneliness.


We thank you for choosing to contribute to Shachen Tov, a non-profit association.

The Shachen Tov Association operates wholly on a voluntary basis. None of the association's activists or management are paid. All funds collected through donations are invested in the association’s activities – solely for the benefit of the communities and the advancement of populaces in Israeli society.

With this donation we pledge to continue to grow, develop and thus improve the quality of life of those in need of help and assistance.

Donations to Shachen Tov are recognized as tax-deductible under section 46a of Israel’s Tax Code. The Shachen Tov Association is certified with a “Proper Management Authorization”.

Donation by Check

To the order of: Shachen Tov

Mail to: Shachen Tov Association

P. O. Box 8565

Jerusalem 91084

Donation by Bank Transfer

Bank Leumi

Branch # 647

Account # 1999888

To receive a receipt send details by email to:

Contact Us:

We’d love to hear from you by email at:

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